The Launch Of A Different Kind Of Company

23 Mar The Launch Of A Different Kind Of Company

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In today’s busy corporate world, there is often productive office time lost in commuting to the office, a Corporate/Regional meeting, or to facilitate a client. Often there are meetings that involve the attendance of several members from your office team, and the location is within a few hour’s drive. However, your team finds itself driving in multiple vehicles, and unable to email or collaborate ideas. Good corporate transportation, and mobile office provisions can enhance the productivity and schedules of your office team, and executive staff, as well as project a powerful image for your company. Your clients will realize you want to maximize your day to provide quality communication and support to them.

Now arrives the launch of a different kind of company. Steps Ahead is a mobile office solution committed to providing all the conveniences of any executive business office. Our mobile jet transportation is custom up-fitted with all the technology your team needs to conduct a group conference call with wireless Bluetooth speaker phone technology, review Power Point presentations as a group with flat screen television viewing, and prepare documentation at the onboard executive desk with Corian desktop, full computer and dual screen monitors, and then print any revisions with the onboard color printer. The team does not need to stop for refreshments or a restroom break, because that is provided too! Privacy is not a problem either. Confidentiality concerns have been addressed with insulated walls, and acoustical appointments that are further enhanced with sound proof glass partition, and privacy wall.

Hundreds of hours are lost each year because of traffic, and commuting times. Why lose valuable time driving and frantically preparing for meetings? Work with a company that puts customer service ahead of everything else. We want every vehicle commission to be a uniquely arranged experience. We recognize that one of the most valuable assets of busy professionals is maximizing time and creating proactive solutions. Steps Ahead is not a black car service that provides efficient transportation from point to point. It is more about creating an experience that you will want to duplicate again and again.

We want you to step ahead of the rest. Come journey with us, and experience evolution in mobility.