Steps Ahead is way above competition standards! They provided my wife and I exceptional service that was right and right on time! From pick up to drop off, they handled guest services with precision and took great care of us even for such a rainy day! White glove service all the way!

I cannot thank Steps Ahead enough for what an exceptional job they did. Would recommend to anyone looking for business on the go! They have everything a business needs right at your fingertips and can connect your business steps ahead of the competition!

R. Middleton

Amazing, Believe me, the experience is unmatched.  Business, pleasure, comfort, security all in one setting. You will become a repeat client. it’s guaranteed! You will certainly be pleased with the Steps Ahead Mercedes Sprinter Experience.  There is nothing like it.

R. Blair

Thank you, Carlos!  The Steps Ahead experience is a game changer for Commercial Real Estate property tours!

Without the hassle of driving, I was able to focus on my clients and the technology available allowed me to quickly answer questions and dive deep into properties of interest.
The executive furnishings add a tremendous amount of professionalism and comfort for all passengers. Making the Steps Ahead property tour a memorable experience, and an invaluable competitive edge.

I can’t wait to use Steps Ahead again in the future.


It was great to meet you. I was very impressed with your vehicle and would happily recommend it to any number of people. Again, thank you for coming by and congratulations on building an absolutely beautiful vehicle.

C. Corzine